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Begutachtete Zeitschriftenartikel und Buchkapitel

Lorenz Hurni and Tobias Dahinden and Ernst Hutzler (2001): Digital Cliff Drawing for Topographic Maps: Traditional Representations by Means of New Technologies, Cartographica: The International Journal for Geographic Information and Geovisualization, vol. 38 (1-2), pp. 55-65

M. Sester (2001): Maßstabsabhängige Darstellungen in digitalen räumlichen Datenbeständen, Reihe C, Nr. 544, Deutsche Geodätische Kommission, Reihe C, Nr. 544, Deutsche Geodätische Kommission  | Datei |

O. Altan, G. Toz, S. Külür, D. Seker, S. Volz, D. Fritsch and M. Sester (2001): Photogrammetry and geographic information systems for quick assessment, documentation of earthquake damages, ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, vol. 55, pp. 359-372

Begutachtete Konferenzbeiträge

C. Geiger, V. Paelke, C. Reimann and W. Rosenbach (2001): Structured Design of Interactive Virtual and Augmented Reality Content, Proc. Structured Design of Virtual Environments and 3D-Components

S. Flake, C. Geiger, W. Müller, V. Paelke, W. Rosenbach and J. Ruf (2001): Customer-Oriented Systems Design Through Virtual Prototypes, Proceedings of the 10th Int. Workshop on Enabling Technologies: Infrastructure for Collaborative Enterprises (WET ICE'01)

V. Paelke (2001): User Centred Design Space Exploration for Consumer AR Applications, Proc. OzCHI 2001

V. Paelke, C. Geiger, C. Reimann and W. Rosenbach (2001): Effective Design and Development of Interactive 3D Illustrations for E-Commerce, Proc. International NAISO Symposium on Information Science Innovations (ISI)


L. Hurni, B. Jenny, T. Dahinden and E. Hutzler (2001): Interactive Analytical Shading and Cliff Drawing: Advances in Digital Relief Presentation for Topographic Mountain Maps, Proceeding for the Int. Conference in Cartography, pp. 8  | Datei |

T. Dahinden, A. Neumann and A. M. Winter (2001): Webmapping mit SVG: Werkzeuge, Arbeitsabläufe, aktuelle Entwicklungen, Web.mapping Proceedings 3, pp. 21  | Datei |

sonstige Beiträge

K.-H. Anders (2001): Data Mining for Automated GIS Data Collection, Photogrammetric Week `01, pp. 263-272

U. Lenk and I. Kruse (2001): Multibeam Data Processing, The Hydrographic Journal, vol. 102, pp. 9-14