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History of the institute

1957 Establishing of a department of topography and cartography at the geodetic institute of the technical university of hanover - Prof. Dr.-Ing. Viktor Heißler with appointment as associate professor

1963 Reorganization of the department in the autonomous chair of topography - Lehrstuhlinhaber is Prof. Dr.-Ing. Viktor Heißler, Dipl.-Ing. Dieter Grothenn is the new academic assistant at the institute

1967 After death of Prof. Heißler 1966 Prof. Dr.-Ing. Günter Hake is the new associate professor

1971 At the department the new position of the chief engineer is arranged - the first one is Dipl.-Ing. Wilfried Staufenbiel

1973 The department relocate to the new building at the Appelstraße 9a in the 6th floor.

1973 Dipl.-Ing. B. Stache succeed Dr.-Ing. Wilfried Staufenbiel at the position of the chief engineer

1974 The Collaborative Research Centre 149 - "Vermessungs- und Fernerkundungsverfahren an Küsten und Meeren" is established and the project "Topographie und Kartographie im Küstenbereich" is handled at the department. Dr.-Ing. Werner Lichtner becomes scientific assistant and chief engineer.

1979 Vermessungsrat Dipl.-Ing. Dietmar Grünreich displace Werner Lichtner as chief engineer

1982 The department of topography and cartography becomes the institute of cartography (IfK) with the director Prof. Dr.-Ing. Günter Hake

1984 Dipl.-Ing. Ernst Jäger becomes the academic council at the institute and assume the position of the chief engineer

1984 Prof. Dr.-Ing. Günter Hake go into retirement and Dr.-Ing. Werner Lichtner becomes the professor at the IfK

1987 Prof. Dr.-Ing. Günter Hake obtain the honorary doctorate from the Ruhr-Universität Bochum

1989 Prof. Dr.-Ing. Werner Lichtner pass away and Prof. Dr. mult. Gottfried Koncny head the IfK provisional

1991 Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dietmar Grünreich is called to be the follower of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Werner Lichtner at the IfK

1991 Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. phil. h. c. Günter Hake is decorated with the Mercator-Medaille by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kartographie (DGfK)

1991 Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Luckhardt is appoint as academic asistent and as Akademischer Rat the new chief engineer

1995 Dr.-Ing. Brigitte Husen succeed Dipl.-Ing. Thomas Luckhardt as chief engineer

1997 Dr.-Ing. Joachim Bobrich succeed Dr.-Ing. Brigitte Husen

1999 Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dietmar Grünreich is appoint to presindent of the Bundesamtes für Kartographie und Geodäsie (BKG)

2000 Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dr. phil. h. c. Günter Hake pass away

2000 Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Monika Sester is appoint the associate professor at the IfK and successor of Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dietmar Grünreich

2000 The institute is renamed as "Institute of cartography and geoinformatics"

2001 Prof. Dr.-Ing. Monika Sester becomes the chairman of the GIS-Zentrums of the university of hanover

2002 Prof. Dr.-Ing. Monika Sester govern the section hanover of the DGfk as the chairman of the section

2002 Dr.-Ing. Joachim Bobrich alter to the BKG

2002 Dr.-Ing. Claus Brenner has begun with the leading of a junior team at the institute anhanced by the VW-Stiftung

2003 Dipl.-Ing Guido v. Gösseln obtained the Walter-Großmann-award for his Masterhtesis

2003 Prof. Dr. rer. nat. Volker Paelke is appoint as assistant professor in the field of 3D-Geovisualisation and Augmented Reality

2005 Dr.-Ing. Claus Brenner and Dipl.-Ing. Carsten Hatger are obtained the Hansa Luftbild award