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Development of a Cadastral Fabric through the Integration of Legacy Cadastral Data

Development of a Cadastral Fabric through the Integration of Legacy Cadastral Data

Jahr:  2017
Ist abgeschlossen:  ja

The creation of a jurisdiction-wide cadastral fabric will either be achieved through a comprehensive data capture campaign or through the integration of existing cadastral data in form of maps and other records. Because of historical reasons, cadastral datasets unlike general topographic datasets are acquired over a long period of time using different techniques. This is because; the acquisition of cadastral data is very often regulated by legal and technical procedures, thus making it expensive and time consuming. In these circumstances, the option of creating the cadastral fabric via the integration of existing cadastral data seams viable. Again, the ubiquitous availability of topographic data provides a further motivation and means to integrate existing cadastral datasets.

The poor positional accuracy of the existing cadastral datasets will be enhanced through data conflation techniques and with reference to more accurate topographic datasets. Correspondence between cadastral datasets and topographic datasets will be established using road networks from both datasets. Whereas the road network will simply be extracted from topographic datasets, the corresponding road network from the cadastre will be obtained by generating the middle axes of the road parcels if present in the cadastre as land parcels, otherwise additional task will involve extracting the road parcels if implicitly represented in the cadastre. Further tasks will include feature matching, alignment and transformation.


Road centerlines derived for road parcels implicitly represented in the cadastral dataset



Matching and alignment of the corresponding features in the derived and mapped road networks