LUH Studierendenbefragung

LUH Student Survey

In mid-May, all LUH students will receive an email asking them to participate in the LUH student survey. The aim of the survey is to have students evaluate the study conditions and identify areas for improvement at Leibniz University.

If you receive an email: Please participate. Every vote counts! The more students participate, the more meaningful the results will be.


The survey takes place only every second year. It should take about 10-15 minutes to answer the questions.


As a little "thank-you", ZQS/Quality Assurance is raffling off 6 vouchers worth €200 each and 30 Lehmann’s book vouchers worth €20 each among the participants.


With this survey, faculties, the administration and central facilities receive feedback on the suitability of the offers and the needs of the students, as well as on the students’ satisfaction with the study conditions. The results are excellently suited to

  • identifying barriers to education,
  • determining recommendations for action,
  • deriving quality improvement measures
  • or qualitatively extending existing offers.

More information on the LUH student survey: