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Big Data and Machine Learning – Completed Projects

Big Data und Machine Learning – Completed Projects

  • Mining GPS-Trajectory Data for Map Refinement and Behavior Detection
    In today’s world, we have increasingly sophisticated means to record the movement of moving objects such as vehicles, humans and animals in the form of spatio-temporal trajectory data. As a consequence of this development, increasing volumes of such data are being accumulated at an extremely fast rate. A trajectory is usually represented by an array of structured positions in space and time, i.e. each has a signature of specific location (geospatial coordinate tags) in time (time stamp tags).
    Year: 2017
  • Anomalous Pattern Detection from GPS-Trajectories
    The anomalous pattern detection is of great interest for the applications in the areas of navigation/driver assistant system, surveillance and emergency management. In this work we focus on the GPS-Trajectories finding where the driver is encountering navigation problems.
    Year: 2017
  • RainCars
    This idea would be easily technically feasible if the cars are provided with GPS and a small memory chip for recording the coordinates, car speed and wiper frequency. This initial research will explore theoretically the benefits of such an approach. For that valid relationships between wiper speed and rainfall rate (W-R relationship) are assumed and derived from laboratory and field experiments. Different traffic models are developed to generate motorcars on roads in a river basin. Radar data are used as reference truth rainfall fields. Rainfall from these fields is sampled from the conventional rain gauge and dynamic car networks. Areal rainfall is calculated from these networks for different scales using geostatistical interpolation methods and compared against truth radar data. The car sensors can be considered as a geosensor network. It allows to measure and process information locally in a decentralized way and thus has benefits with respect to scalability, which is crucial when large areas have to be covered with large amounts of measurement units.
    Team: Fitzner, Sester
    Year: 2017