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Geodatenintegration/-fusion, Datenqualität

Data integration and fusion, data quality

Year:  2017
Is Finished:  yes


The Spatial Data Infrastructure Grid (SDI-Grid) funded by the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF) aims at the "Efficient mining and processing of spatial data for the simulation of noise dispersion and disaster management". Grid technology enables the transparent and collaborative utilization of distributed resources such as computing power, storage and services.

As part of the SDI-Grid project services for integration, fusion, annotation and quality evaluation of geospatial data are being developed at the ikg. Integration respectively fusion merges the geometry whereas annotation merges the attributes of heterogeneous datasets into a single consistent dataset. After data integrity has been checked identical objects in the input datasets are identified and co-referenced by feature matching. Matches are only searched among semantically corresponding feature classes. After the matching process multiple representations of the same real world object can be fused geometrically or can be annotated with the respective attributes. The fusion is based on the priorities or accuracy of the features with respect to the interdependence of features of the same or different classes. Annotation merges the attributes of identical features and thereby enhances their information content by e.g. application specific values. Based on the matched features the quality respectively the fitting accuracy of the input data sets can be evaluated.