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Trajektorienanalyse von Lieferfahrzeugen

Trajectory Analysis of Carrier Properties

Figure 1: Example track of a delivery van.
Leaders:  Wage
Year:  2019

Introduction and goals of the project

Introduction and goals of the project Carrier and delivery vans are omnipresent in urban traffic. Simulating and optimizing alternative concepts requires an understanding and thus an analysis of the current behavior. As an introduction, this research project topic aims at the automatic key parameter extraction from real-world delivery GPS-trajectories to support realistic traffic simulations. In the figure below is an example, where you can get an impression of the data accuracy and already visually conclude possible stops at clusters.



1. Literature research for promising algorithms

2. Define and extract key parameters like:

     a. Speed and acceleration profile of the vehicle

     b. Number of stops, stay time and distance in between

     c. Area of distribution

3. Find hotspots which may represent interesting places (e.g. distribution centers or shops)

4. Segment trajectories into phases between distribution centers and “last mile” delivery route

5. Compare different carrier operators



► Example data is provided

► A Postgres/PostGIS database system is set up for storage and basic processing



► Interest and basic knowledge in spatial data analysis and GIS

► Programming skills for implementation in Python or Matlab



Oskar Wage (, room 3408.611

Institute of Cartography and Geoinformatics, Appelstraße 9a, 30167 Hannover