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 Institute for Cartography and Geoinformatics

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Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Monika Sester


Institut für Kartographie und Geoinformatik
Leibniz Universität Hannover

Appelstraße 9a
30167 Hannover


Mehrzweckgebäude (3408) - MZ 601


+49 511.762-3588


+49 511.762-2780



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1. L. Zhang, S. Dalyot, D. Eggert and M. Sester: Multi-Stage Approach To Travel-Mode Segmentation And Classification Of GPS Traces, ISPRS Workshop on Geospatial Data Infrastructure: from Data Acquisition and Updating to Smarter Services (ISPRS WG41), 2011
2. H. Huang, M. Sester: A Hybrid Approach to Extraction and Refinement of Building Footprints from Airborne LiDAR Data, ISPRS Workshop on Geospatial Data Infrastructure: from data acquisition and updating to smarter services, p. 153-158, 2011
3. S. Hofmann, M. J. Schulze, M. Sester and C. Brenner: Quality assessment of landmark based positioning using stereo cameras, International Archives of Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences, vol. XXXVIII (Part 3/W22), p. 85-90, 2011
4. U. Feuerhake, C. Kuntzsch and M. Sester: Finding Interesting Places and Characteristic Patterns in Spatio-Temporal Trajectories, Proceedings of the 8th International Symposium on Location-Based Services, Vienna, 2011
5. H. Huang, C. Brenner and M. Sester: 3D Building Roof Reconstruction from Point Clouds via Generative Models, 19th ACM SIGSPATIAL International Conference on Advances in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), p. 16-24, 2011
6. R. Guercke and M. Sester: Building Footprint Simplification Based on Hough Transform and Least Squares Adjustment, Proceedings of the Joint Workshop Geographic Information on Demand, p. CD/Web, 2011
7. C. Stern and M. Sester: Towards extraction of constraints for integrating environmental spatial data in digital landscape models of lower resolution – work in progress, Proceedings of the Joint Workshop Geographic Information on Demand, p. CD/Web, 2011
8. C. Onyancha, D. N. Siriba, S. Dalyot and M. Sester: Spatial Modelling Of Groundwater Conditions In Nairobi City Using Geographic Information System, The 15th International Conference of Women Engineers and Scientists (ICWES15), 2011
9. S. Winter, M. Sester, O. Wolfson and G. Geers: Towards a computational transportation science, SIGMOD Rec., vol. 39, p. 27-32, 2011
10. D. Siriba, D. Eggert and M. Sester: Relative Curve Orientation in the Alignment of Inconsistent Linear Datasets, PROCEEDINGS OF AGILE 2011, Utrecht, 2011

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