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The ikg developed software products for automatic generalization and topographic modelling, which we make available through licenses. 

For building generalization we offer the products CHANGE and TYPIFY. CHANGE aggregates and simplifies building outlines up to scale 1:25.000. For smaller scales, the product TYPIFY is available, which typifies and symbolizes building groups.

PUSH is a program for the holistic displacement of geo-objects (points, lines, polygons). During the displacement object specific properties are taken into account, e.g. the fact that some objects should keep their position. The software can be applied to large data sets, e.g. whole map sheets.


Monika Sester

Frank Thiemann

EuroSDR Evaluation

The generalization software products of ikg CHANGE, PUSH and TYPIFY have been evaluated within the a project conducted by the EuroSDR. The main outcomes with respect to our software were:

  • The software of ikg were the only ones to process all given four test data sets
  • They provide relevant operations for the generalization of buildings (incl. aggregation and simplification of outline (CHANGE), as well as typification for smaller scales (TYPIFY))
  • PUSH solves all spatial conflicts between all objects by displacement. Optimal results are achieved, when the data sets are adequately reduced by preceding model generalization processes like selection. This was the case for the test cases IGN (France) and ICC (Barcelona, Spain)

The full report can be found on the website of EuroSDR