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Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Monika Sester

Telefon:+49 511 762 3588
Fax:+49 511 762 2780
Anschrift:Appelstraße 9A, 30167 Hannover
Raum: 601 (3408)
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Begutachtete Zeitschriftenartikel und Buchkapitel

C. Katterfeld, V. Paelke and M. Sester (2006): Education and E-Learning with Virtual Landscapes, Multimedia Cartography

M. Hampe, M. Sester and L. Harrie (2006): Multiple Representation Databases to support Visualization on Mobile Devices, Geoinformation Science Journal, vol. 6 Nr. 1

M. Sester (2006): Aktuelle Geodaten für aktuelle Entscheidungen, Kartographische Nachrichten, vol. 56(1), pp. 3-8

M. Sester and B. Elias (2006): Relevance of Generalisation to the Extraction and Communication of Wayfinding Information, The Generalisation of Geographic Information: Models and Applications

Begutachtete Konferenzbeiträge

B. Elias and M. Sester (2006): Incorporating Landmarks with Quality Measures in Routing Procedures, Lecture Notes in Computer Science: Geographic Information Science, 4th International Conference, GIScience 2006, Muenster, Germany, September 20-23, 2006, Proceedings, vol. 4197, pp. 65-80  | file |

F. Heinzle, K.-H. Anders and M. Sester (2006): Pattern Recognition in Road Networks on the Example of Circular Road Detection, LNCS: Geographic Information Science, vol. 4197, pp. 253-267

J.-H. Haunert, K.-H. Anders and M. Sester (2006): Hierarchical structures for rule-based incremental generalisation, International Archives of Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and Spatial Information Sciences: Proceedings of the ISPRS Workshop on Multiple Representation and Interoperability of Spatial Data, vol. XXXVI(Part 2/W40), pp. 49-57


F. Thiemann and M. Sester (2006): 3D-Symbolization Using Adaptive Templates, Proceedings of ISPRS Technical Commission II Symposium 2006, pp. pp- 49-54  | file |

G. v. Goesseln and M. Sester (2006): A dual interval approach for the alignment of geometries in vector data sets, ISPRS Technical Commission IV Symposium 2006

H. Neidhart and M. Sester (2006): Creating a digital thermal map using laser scanning and GIS, Proceedings of the District Heat and Cooling Symposium  | file |

J.-H. Haunert, K.-H. Anders and M. Sester (2006): Hierarchical Structures For Rule-Based Incremental Generalisation, Joint ISPRS Workshop on Multiple Representation and Interoperability of Spatial Data

sonstige Beiträge

J. Müller, C. Heipke, H. Kutterer, G. Seeber and M. Sester (2006): Weltraummethoden revolutionieren Erdbeobachtung, Festschrift 125 Jahre Geodäsie und Geoinformatik, vol. 263  | file |

J.-R. Sack, M. Sester, M. Worboys and P. van Oosterom (2006): Spatial Data: mining, processing and communicating, Short report of Dagstuhl Seminar Nº 06101, pp. 5  | file |

M. Butenuth, G. v. Goesseln, C. Heipke, U. Lipeck, M. Sester and M. Tiedge (2006): Development of a data structure and tools for the integration of heterogeneous geospatial data sets, Geotechnologien Science Report Information Systems in Earth Management, vol. 8, pp. 52-73  | file |

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 September 1961born in Gengenbach, Black Forest
1981 - 1987: Study of Surveying at Universität Karlsruhe
Degree: Diplom-Vermessungsingenieur (Dipl.-Ing.)
1987 - 1988: Research Assistant at Institute of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing at Universität Karlsruhe
1988 - 1994: 

Research Assistant at Institute of Photogrammetry at Universität Stuttgart in Collaborative Research Center Sonderforschungsbereich 228 'Hochgenaue Navigtion'/ High precision navigation, with Prof. Dr.-Ing. F.Ackermann and Prof. Dr.-Ing. D. Fritsch

1994 - 2000: Head of research group 'Geo-Informationssystems' at Institute of Photogrammetry Stuttgart
24.02.1995Promotion: Dr.-Ing. at faculty of civil engineering and surveying of Universität Stuttgart; Topic: Lernen Struktureller Modelle für die Bildanalyse / learning structural models for image analysis; supervisors: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dieter Fritsch, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Förstner
28.07.2000Habilitation: 'Maßstabsabhängige Darstellungen in digitalen räumlichen Datenbeständen'/multiscale representations in digital spatial data sets. Supervisors: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Dieter Fritsch, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfgang Möhlenbrink, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Lorenz Hurni. October 2000; Venia Legendi for subject 'Geo-Informationssystems'
since November 2000Professor and head of Institute of Cartography and Geoinformatics of Leibniz Universität Hannover

Leading positions in national and international organizations

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since July 2001Head of GIS-Center (Zentrum für Geo-Informationssysteme für räumliche Entscheidungsprozesse des Küstenzonenmanagements (GIS-Zentrum)) of  Universität Hannover
seit Januar 2002Head of chapter Hannover of Deutschen Gesellschaft für Kartographie (DGfK)
seit 2002Chair of annual AgA-meetings (automation in Cartography)
2002-2009Head of Section Geo-Informationssystems of German Geodetic Commission (DGK)
2004-2008Chair of Working Group II/3 of ISPRS 'Data Generalization and Data Mining'
2008-2012Chair of Working Group II/2 of ISPRS Multiscale Representation of Spatial Data
2012-2016Chair of  Working Group II/8 Mobility: Tracking, Analysis and Communication

since 2016


since 2018

Co-Chair (with Prof. Francois Holtz) of Research Center FZ:Geo

Head of DFG senate commission on earth system research

Membership in scientific organizations

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seit 2002Member of Deutsche Geodätischen Kommission (DGK) (German Geodetic Commission)
2003 - 2007Member of scientific advisory board of  GeoForschungszentrums Potsdam
2004-2011Member of Review Board of DFG for research area 315: Geophysik und Geodäsie
since 2004Member of Board of German Society of Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing and GIS (deutsche Gesellschaft für Photogrammetrie und Fernerkundung - DGPF)
since 2006Member of Braunschweigischen Wissenschaftlichen Gesellschaft
since 2008Member of DFG-Senatskommission "Geokommission"
since 2008Member of coordination board for BMBF Geotechnologien program

since 2009

since 2017

Member Acatech

Member of Helmholtz Senate Commission for "Earth and Environment"