Announcement: ACM SIGSPATIAL Workshop on "Sustainable Mobility"

Announcement: ACM SIGSPATIAL Workshop on "Sustainable Mobility"

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For the first time, the ACM SIGSPATIAL conference will be held in Europe - in Hamburg, November 13, 2023. At that occation, we will organize the "1st ACM SIGSPATIAL Workshop on Sustainable Mobility (SuMob 2023)".

Sustainable Mobility

Mobility and accessibility are central prerequisites for social integration and participation, exchange, employment and prosperity in our society. Transport causes many negative environmental impacts through the emission of greenhouse gases (for example, in Germany traffic causes around 20% of greenhouse gas emissions), air pollutants and noise, as well as through its high consumption of resources over their lifecycle, including space. Electric vehicles are not exempt. Traffic also cuts into liveability of our cities and public health through passive lifestyle.

Thus, there is a strong need to shift the mobility systems worldwide towards sustainable solutions. Sustainability is often aimed at by avoid, shift, reduce principles: Avoiding trips by not making them at all, substitute a trip by an online activity instead or by choosing a closer destination that can be reached by active mobility; shifting trips to active or public transport or shared forms of mobility; and reducing energy or space consumption by using more environmentally friendly technology.

You are welcome to submit your latest work in this context (see CfP for tenative topics) and discuss it with experts in the field.


Call for Papers