Shkedova - Abschlussarbeiten

Masterarbeiten (abgeschlossen)

  • Visual route communication via geometric deformation
    This thesis proposes visual route communication via geometric deformation while providing map readers with different route options and helping them by visual means distinguish the most efficient route according to their personal preferences. The proposed communication is directed to create individual routing solutions, motivate travelers to avoid paths traversing the territories, which should be circumvented for different reasons. For route communication via geometric deformation, human psychological aspects were examined. For representation, existing visual variables were investigated and taken as a basis. The deformation method for the thesis found inspiration in perspective drawing art techniques, previously introduced multiple scales designs for maps, geometric projections, and distortions. Finally, the idea to visualize roads in the shape of a hollow or a pit was created. For the deformation implementation, two approaches were proposed in the thesis. The first method is based on the variable scales design. The foundation of the second method is lens distortion. As part of the thesis, an automated system for deformation was realized.
    Leitung: Fuest, Sester
    Team: Olga Shkedova
    Jahr: 2021