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TransMIT - Ressourcenoptimierte Transformation von Misch- und Trennentwässerungen in Bestandsquartieren mit hohem Siedlungsdruck

TransMIT - Resource-optimised transformation of combined and separate drainage systems in existing quarters with high settlement pressure

Led by:  Dr.-Ing. M. Beier; Prof. S. Köster, ISAH; Prof. Sester, ikg
Team:  Yu Feng, Udo Feuerhake
Year:  2019

Increasing heavy rainfall events and growing urban districts pose great challenges for urban drainage. Using three neighbourhoods in the cities of Braunschweig, Hanover and Hildesheim as examples, it will be shown how urban development and water management aspects can be linked in the long term in neighbourhood planning.

The goals of the ikg are a highly precise survey of the terrain using the Mobile Mapping System and the derivation of a detailed terrain model by fusion with the Digital Terrain Model of the State of Lower Saxony. Furthermore, it is analysed which parts of the terrain are sensitive and have a major impact in a flood scenario.

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