• Title: Prediction of Lithium-Ion battery Aging in Electric Vehicles Using Machine Learning techniquesName: Ahmed Khliaa; Supervisors: M. Sc. Hao Cheng, (Volkswagen AG): Dipl.-Ing. Mathias Kohlhase, Prof. Dr. Philipp Otto
  • Title: Combining Map-based Inference and Crowd-Sensing for Detecting Traffic Regulators; Name: Yuanhang Wu; Supervisors: M. Sc. Jens Golze, M. Sc. Stefania Zourlidou, Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Monika Sester



  • Title: Simulation of Maximum Consensus Accumulators for Vehicle Localization using LiDARName: Zisen Zhao; Supervisors: M. Sc. Jeldrik Axmann, Prof. Claus Brenner



  • Title: Applying Max-Pressure Control in Shared SpacesName: Wei Han; Supervisors: M. Sc. Yao Li, Prof. Monika Sester
  • Title: Design and evaluation of a LiDAR sensor model for the simulation of measurements from autonomous vehicles; Name: Jiangyuan Song; Supervisor: M.Sc. Julia Schachtschneider
  • Title: Latent Space Representation Of Image Data Using Autoencoders And Depth-based Classification; Name: Chufeng Guo; Supervisor: B.Sc. Anna Malinovskaya
  • Title: Change detection in complex system applying multilayer network; Name: Chen Zeng; Supervisor: B.Sc. Anna Malinovskaya



  • Title: Mixed Reality framework for influencing walking behavior; Name: Han Guo; Supervisors: M.Tech Vinu Kamalasanan, Prof.Dr.-Ing.habil.Monika Sester