"MCENET: Multi-Context Encoder Network for Homogeneous Agent Trajectory Prediction in Mixed Traffic" - Presentation at "ITSC 2020" by Hao Cheng

"Automatic Interaction Detection Between Vehicles and Vulnerable Road Uers During Turning at an Intersection" - Presentation at "IV 2020" by Hao Cheng

Exploring Dynamic Context for Multi-path Trajectory Prediction - Presentation at "ICRA2021" by Hao Cheng

"Multi-scale building maps from aerial imagery" - Presentation at "ISPRS congress 2020" by Yu Feng

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"Maximum Consensus Localization using LiDAR Sensors" - Presentation at ISPRS 2021 by Jeldrik Axmann

Christian Koetsier: Detection of anomalous vehicle trajectories using federated learning, ZDIN KI-Workshop