Institute of Cartography and Geoinformatics Studies Completed Theses
Hololens 2 - Analysis of capabilities and quality

Hololens 2 - Analysis of capabilities and quality

Led by:  Kamalasanan, Sester
Year:  2023
Is Finished:  yes

Introduction and goal of this thesis

The Hololens is a device, which captures information of the environment and creates a 3D model of it. At the same time, it is able to place virtual objects into the environment and thus allows AR-applications. The goal of the thesis is to investigate the potential of the Hololens for capturing indoor environments. This includes the acquisition of 3D point clouds and a thorough quality assessment. Subsequently, the point could has to be processed in order to segment important objects or features (e.g. walls, furniture). To this end, the use of Deep Learning models has to be considered.


Tasks and time frame

1. Investigation into the capabilities of the device

2. Data capture and analysis of data quality

3. Data processing and analysis to produce an indoor 3D model

4. Write thesis documentation



  • Hololens 2



  • Programming skills (preferably Python, C++; C#)
  • Ability to work independently


Contact person(s) 

M. Sc. Vinu Kamalasanan (E-Mail:, Tel. 762-3726) Prof. Monika Sester (E-Mail, Tel. 762-3588) Institute of Cartography und Geoinformatics, Appelstraße 9 a, 30167 Hannover, Room 60xx & 601