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Reiseverzögerungsanalyse mit VISSIM und Mustererkennung an geregelten Knotenpunkten

Travel Delay Analysis Using VISSIM and Pattern Recognition at Regulated Junctions

Led by:  Zourlidou
Team:  Qingyuan Wang
Year:  2019
Is Finished:  yes

This thesis explores the travel time and travel delay at T- and four-way junctions under different regulator settings (yield/priority traffic signs and uncontrolled junctions), conducting experiments both with simulation originated and real data. First this thesis uses VISSIM simulation software to estimate the delay and stop time at yield controlled and uncontrolled T- and and Four-way intersections. At the second part of the thesis, the same objective is being pursued by using real data. The core methodology for accomplish that is first to determine the dynamic range of the junction based on different movement patterns and then by using regression to estimate the travel time for crossing those locations. The results show that travel time differs across traffic regulators (yield sign controlled, right-of-way rule) and junction type (T-junction, four-way junction type, one/two-lane road ways).