Large Geodetic Excursion

Aim of the Module

The Geodetic Excursion provides students with an interesting insight into professionally relevant facilities and institutions. It is intended to deepen the relationship between study and profession. In addition to professional aspects, the national or international excursion also leaves room for visiting cultural or other events in the respective region.

Contents of the Module

The five to ten-day Geodetic Excursion usually takes place during the lecture-free period in September/October or during the lecture-free Whitsun week. The destination of the excursion will be announced separately.

The Geodetic Excursion is organized by one of the four institutes of the geodetic subject area. The individual activities will be co-organized by the other institutes.


2019IKGSouthern Germany
2018GIHDenmark, Norway
2017GIHNorth-East Germany
2015IPINorthern Germany
2013IfESouthern Germany
2011IKGNorthern / Eastern Germany
2009GIHWestern / Southern Germany