Busch - Theses

Master Theses (finished)

  • Development of a Client-Server Module for Cooperative Multi-Robot Longterm Map Registration
    Nowadays a big amount of robots are used in production and logistic. Due to the large working environment, dynamic objects (e.g. humans or other robots), and semi-static objects (e.g.machine and furniture), a high performance navigation system is required. But only focus on the high performance long term SLAM on single robot is not enough to guarantee the flexible and accurate performance of whole robot fleet in large changing environment.
    Led by: Tobias Ortmaier (IMES), Claus Brenner, Steffen Busch (IKG), Philipp Schnattinger (FraunhoferIPA)
    Team: Jiang Liwei
    Year: 2019
  • Classification and detection of road users using neural networks and Active Shape models
    Autonomous vehicles interpret their environment based on their sensor data. 360° laser scanners provide comprehensive and highly accurate information about the distance of objects. Predicting the behavior of road users differs between cars, trucks/buses, cyclists and pedestrians. The exact position of the different road users depends on their orientation and geometric dimensions. Active Shape models offer the possibility to estimate the center of objects by estimating deformable models, based on CAD plans and taking into account their orientation.
    Led by: Bodo Rosenhahn (TNT), Claus Brenner, Steffen Busch (IKG)
    Team: Xiaoyu Jiang
    Year: 2019
  • Laser scanner-based prediction of pedestrian movements by filtering and classifying posture
    Against the background of road safety, an algorithm is presented below that uses point clouds to make the most accurate prediction possible about the future position of pedestrians. A core element is to classify the current state of movement of pedestrians over a random forest. The focus is on early detection of changes between individual states.
    Led by: Claus Brenner, Steffen Busch
    Team: Matthias Fahrland
    Year: 2019